OMRF has pledged $80,000 for immediate COVID-19 related medical research in Otago


The Otago Medical Research Foundation has committed funding to an urgent, fast-tracked fund specifically for COVID-19 medical research. In these extraordinary times, we have responded rapidly to the need for research in this area and will use a truncated application and review process for awarding funds.

This COVID-19 special fund is for medical research relating to the impact and outcomes of the COVID-19 global pandemic for New Zealand. Open immediately to researchers whose principal investigators are based in Otago, OMRF will grant up to a maximum of $40,000 per research project. For more information and to apply for this funding click here.

The OMRF believes that it’s important to support research into this new virus and learn all we can from it. The research undertaken will contribute to the understanding of COVID-19 in New Zealand, and internationally.

This special fund is in addition to the Foundation’s funding of over $400,000 granted annually for a wide range of medical research in Otago.  Our research projects include dementia, cancers, oral health, antibiotic resistance, diabetes, drug development, arthritis and heart disease.

We fund medical research because it makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Everyone has experienced the benefits of medical research directly or for friends and family through lifesaving medications and treatments. More research is needed into a wide range of conditions. Otago’s world-class medical and biomedical researchers are working towards making  progress to help us every day.

We need your help to continue our work.  You can donate to the Foundation here and know that your gift will support the advancement of medical research here in Otago