Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is primarily concerned with adjudicating on applications for Research Grants and on applications from students for Summer Research Scholarships. To cover the breadth of topics submitted, the committee is relatively large to ensure it has representatives from all the major sub-disciplines of medical research.


Chair: Professor Greg Jones,

Deputy Chair: Dr Heather Cunliffe (Co-opted)

Dr Hesham Al-Sallami (Co-opted)

Dr Andrew Bahn (Nominee Otago Medical School Research Society)

Dr Sarah Baird (President Otago Medical School Research Society, ex officio, January 2019)

Dr Sierra Beck (Nominee Dunedin School of Medicine, December 2018)

Dr Chris Brown (Co-opted)

Dr Cathy Chapple (Co-opted)

Dr Nick Heng (Co-opted)

Associate Professor Keith Ireton (Co-opted)

Associate Professor Rajesh Katare (Nominee of the Otago School of Biomedical Sciences)

Associate Professor Ivan Sammut (Co-opted)

Dr Damian Scarf (Co-opted)

Professor Rob Walker (Co-opted)

Dr Joanna Williams (Co-opted)

Dr Lyn Wise (President Otago Medical School Research Society, until Dec 2018)

Dr Stephanie Woodley (Nominee Otago Medical School Research Society)


Over the last year the Scientific Committee has welcomed two new members, Dr Sarah Baird, who is the current President of the Otago Medical School Research Society and Dr Sierra Beck, a nominee of the Dunedin School of Medicine.  Both have fitted in well and have proven to be valuable members of the Committee.  Dr Lyn Wise completed her ex officio term (as President of the Otago Medical School Research Society, 2017-2018) and stood down from the Scientific Committee at the December 2018 meeting.  Lyn was a strong and enthusiastic contributor to the committee and the Foundation thanks her for her significant contribution.  


Dr Heather Cunliffe kindly agreed to accept the position of Deputy Chair of the Scientific Committee from March 2019.  The term of her appointment will align with that of the current Chair.