Club Otago June 2019

Date and Time

Friday the 21st June


Glenroy Auditorium

Harrop Street



Where did the Christchurch killer get his seemingly unlimited funding, will there be a second referendum to determine the fate of Brexit, what are Donald Trump’s prospects of winning a second term in the White House and, more importantly, what is New Zealand’s place in the world post the Christchurch killings?

All questions raised and answered to a large degree by Prof Robert Patman, Professor of International Studies at the University of Otago, at June’s Club Otago lunch.

Prof Patman believes New Zealand’s ability to wield greater influence on the global stage has been enhanced by the technological advances of the last decade and, while our politicians should always look to retain cordial relations with the likes of the two super-powers US and China, there is also the opportunity to develop strong and persuasive partnerships with smaller countries.