Jan Warburton

Giving talented young people an opportunity to develop is important to OMRF sponsor Jan Warburton.

Jan is passionate about the arts, and a well-known long-time supporter of the development of contemporary art in New Zealand through her charitable Trust. Many aspiring young artists have benefitted from her support.

It seems like a natural progression to extend that altruism and to sponsor researchers through the Foundation’s summer studentship programme. She has committed to the studentship sponsorship over five years.

Jan, a retiree living in Dunedin, says it’s good to be involved in something that is a uniquely Dunedin/Otago thing.

“I have the opportunity to do something, and I enjoy helping where I can, so this is a positive way to give back.  Giving young New Zealand people a hand, where they are emerging artists or potential researchers, gives them a taste of what is possible, and helps them to develop their skills and extend their talents. It’s rewarding.”

“One of my daughters studied health sciences a few years ago and did a summer scholarship so we know first-hand the benefits of the programme; it’s great to be in a position to help other people to have that research opportunity.”

“It’s interesting to see the array of studies the Foundation funds each year, and to get a report on each of the projects I have supported – including one on feeding premature babies. It’s a good way to feel involved in the project, and to know your support has made a little difference.”