John and Jacqui Brenssell

Dunedin PaperPlus owners John and Jacqui Brenssell say supporting research is a great way of being involved with the community.

The University of Otago has an important place in Dunedin, so supporting studies from its staff and students is one way of giving back. And it helps to make sure the vibrancy that comes from being a University city continues.

Their PaperPlus business hosts book events, donates prizes for Foundation events, and has sponsored several scholarships.

Jacqui says having such a strong link with the Foundation is something they appreciate. "It's nice to be able to use our resources to give back."

"We enjoy hosting book events and the feedback we get from supporters of the Otago Medical Research Foundation is that they value the opportunity to meet some of their favourite authors – hosting cooking celebrities Nadia Lim and Chelsea Winter for instance were very popular."

She likes fact that they are helping improve health, given the Foundation's research touches everyone. "We all have an interest in health after all."

"Our input helps to support grassroots projects that may not have otherwise got off the ground – that can potentially discover something really significant.  It's great to think we have a part to play in having that kind of impact."

"Our daughter who works in the health profession could be seeing the benefits of something we're contributing to."

"And at the same time it also supports a young researcher - we're giving young people a start, giving them the opportunity to test their skills and abilities on something new to see where it might take them."

"We're always fascinated when we read the updates on just what our scholarship student is studying."

It's a positive relationships for us, for the Foundation and for the community.