Rabia Siddique presents: Courage Under Fire

Date and Time

Wednesday the 12th October: 7:30pm - 9pm


Dunedin Town Hall

191 Moray Place

Dunedin 9016


You have an AK47 pointed at your forehead, insurgents are calling for your execution while soldiers are being incinerated outside and you have the responsibility of negotiating the release of two hostages. This is just a small part of Rabia Siddique’s story.

Rabia will speak in Dunedin on Wednesday 12th October, her address to be a wide-ranging discussion about resilience, courage, strength and forgiveness, authentic leadership, equality and diversity.

She will chronicle her own upbringing where she triumphed against abuse and discrimination. After a career as a criminal defence lawyer and in the British army, Rabia went on to become a Crown Advocate in the British Anti-Terrorism Division where she prosecuted Al Qaeda terrorists and advised on war crimes prosecutions in The Hague. And there’s plenty more.

Rabia’s story touches everyone who hears her and leaves a lasting impression as her audiences are inspired to be the best version of themselves.

Funds raised from this evening will go towards the Otago Medical Research Foundation’s work of establishing world-class, life-changing investigation.